MTS was founded by Sri Govinda Narayana, Chairman, MTS Group of industries and his illustrious brothers in 1987. Under his leadership MTS started as a trading company & diversified into many business areas like Infrastructure Development, Turnkey Solutions including Design, Supply, and Installation and commissioning of electrical & mechanical equipment subsequently into Education and Surface Engineering.

MTS Surface Technologies under the lead ership of Sri Govinda Narayana is poised to reach new heights. MTS Surface Technologies is a customer oriented company that prides itself not only in pledging exceptional quality and service but in providing complete Surface Engineering solutions.

MTS Surf Tech offers advanced wear, corrosion and heat resistant coatings designed to protect aerospace, power generation, and industrial components operating in extremely severe environments. The organization has a technically proficient team of professionals & Engineers, backed with continuous R&D and a highly motivated skilled workforce.


Thermal Spray Coating Processes

HVOF (High Velocity Oxy-Fuel) & Carbide Coatings

Flame Spray

Electric Wire Arc Spray
Shot Peaning Process
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